6.3. Requirements

As the purpose of PlumpOS is to add nodes to a cluster, it is assumed that you already have a running openMosix cluster -- or perhaps only a single openMosix node -- from which you will be initiating jobs. All machines in the cluster must conform to the following requirements:

The following network modules are present in most if not all of the supplied kernels' modules tarball (in /kernels/KERNELNAME/modules.tgz), although not all support auto-probing; if you don't see support for your card in this list, then PlumpOS will not work for you.

3c501.o, 3c503.o, 3c505.o, 3c507.o, 3c509.o, 3c515.o, 3c59x.o, 8139cp.o, 8139too.o, 82596.o, ac3200.o, acenic.o, aironet4500_card.o, aironet4500_core.o, aironet4500_proc.o, arlan-proc.o, arlan.o, at1700.o, bsd_comp.o, cs89x0.o, de4x5.o, depca.o, dgrs.o, dl2k.o, dmfe.o, dummy.o, e100/e100.o, e1000/e1000.o, e2100.o, eepro.o, eepro100.o, eexpress.o, epic100.o, eth16i.o, ewrk3.o, fealnx.o, hamachi.o, hp-plus.o, hp.o, hp100.o, lance.o, lp486e.o, mii.o, natsemi.o, ne.o, ne2k-pci.o, ni5010.o, ni52.o, ni65.o, ns83820.o, pcmcia, pcnet32.o, ppp_async.o, ppp_deflate.o, ppp_generic.o, ppp_synctty.o, pppoe.o, pppox.o, sis900.o, sk98lin/sk98lin.o, slhc.o, smc-ultra.o, smc9194.o, starfire.o, strip.o, sundance.o, sungem.o, sunhme.o, tc35815.o, tg3.o, tlan.o, tokenring/{3c359.o abyss.o ibmtr.o lanstreamer.o olympic.o smctr.o tms380tr.o tmsisa.o tmspci.o}, tulip/tulip.o, via-rhine.o, wavelan.o, wd.o, winbond-840.o, wireless/{airo.o airo_cs.o hermes.o orinoco.o orinoco_cs.o orinoco_pci.o orinoco_plx.o}, yellowfin.o

Please also note that PlumpOS may not work on a laptop: it definitely doesn't support PCMCIA cards (yet), and will probably not configure openMosix properly if your machine contains multiple connected Ethernet adapters. This is a temporary limitation of the configuration scripts, and should be resolved in future releases.