Chapter 5. Implementation

Table of Contents
5.1. Planning
5.2. Gather the tools
5.2.1. For the Server:
5.2.2. For the Client:
5.3. Server: Build the kernel
5.4. Server: Configure Networking
5.4.1. Configuring the interfaces
5.4.2. Setting routes
5.4.3. Making filter rules
5.4.4. Routing
5.5. Server: Configure pppd
5.5.1. /etc/ppp/
5.5.2. /etc/ppp/options
5.5.3. Avoiding conflicts
5.6. Server: Configure sshd
5.7. Server: Set up user accounts
5.8. Add vpn-users group
5.9. create the vpn-users home directory
5.10. The .ssh directory
5.11. Adding users
5.12. Server: Administration
5.13. Client: Build the kernel
5.14. Client: Configure Networking
5.14.1. Interface
5.14.2. Filter rules
5.14.3. Routing
5.15. Client: Configure pppd
5.16. Client: Configure ssh
5.17. Client: Bring up the connection
5.18. Client: Set the routes
5.19. Client: Scripting

In this section, I explain step by step how to set up your VPN system. I'll start with the server, and then move on to the client. For the purposes of an example, I will invent a situation that would require a couple of different kinds of VPN set up.