5. Resources

Lotus Developer Domain: The Documentation Library

This web site contains white papers, redbooks, FAQs etc., published by IBM about Lotus Domino/Notes.

Lotus Developer Domain: Downloads

You can download a 90-day trial version of Domino/Notes and other Lotus products here.

Lotus Developer Domain: Domino for Linux Feedback Forum

Very useful, but archived Lotus Domino for Linux Feedback Forum.

HOWTO Install Lotus Domino Server 5.0.9 on Caldera OpenLinux '99 Server Release 3.1.1

This HOWTO explains how to install Domino Server on the Caldera OpenLinux Server3.1.1.

Advisor Magazine

Advisor presents the unmatched advice of top experts in a full range of media, including magazines, journals, e-mail newsletters, conferences, seminars, workshops, CDs, on-site training, and dozens of Web sites. The expertise presented by Advisor comes from hard-won hands-on involvement with the leading technology products (as Lotus Domino/Notes) and services, and technical and business practices.

SearchDomino.com: The Domino Specific Search Engine

It's a Domino Specific Search Engine. Recommended for all Lotus Domino/Notes newbies.