7.8. ( MASQ and Dynamic IPs ) - Does IP Masquerade work with dynamically assigned IP addresses?

Yes, it works with either dynamic IP addressed assigned by your ISP via either PPP or a DHCP server (common for Cablemodem and DSL users). As long as you have a valid Internet IP address, it should work. Of course, static IPs work too. If you plan on implementing a strong IPTABLES, IPCHAINS, or IPFWADM ruleset and/or plan on using a Port forwarder, your ruleset will have to be re-executed everytime your IP address changes.

So, re-running the rc-firewall-* ruleset really depends on which method you get your IP addresses:

Please also see the top of TrinityOS - Section 10 for additional help with strong firewall rulesets and Dynamic IP addresses.