Chapter 6. Other IP Masquerade Issues and Software Support

Table of Contents
6.1. Problems with IP Masquerade
6.2. Incoming services
6.3. Supported Client Software and Other Setup Notes
6.3.1. Network Clients that -Work- with IP Masquerade
6.3.2. Clients that do not have full support in IP MASQ:
6.4. Stronger firewall rulesets to run after initial testing
6.4.1. Stronger IP Firewall (IPTABLES) rulesets
6.4.2. Stronger IP Firewall (IPCHAINS) rulesets
6.4.3. Stronger IP Firewall (IPFWADM) Rulesets
6.5. IP Masquerading multiple internal networks
6.5.1. iptables support for multiple internal lans
6.5.2. ipchains support for multiple internal lans
6.5.3. ipfwadm support for multiple internal lans
6.6. IP Masquerade and Dial-on-Demand Connections
6.7. Port Forwarding with IPTABLES or external tools like IPPORTFW, IPMASQADM, IPAUTOFW, REDIR, UDPRED, and other Port Forwarding tools
6.7.1. IPTABLES-based PORTFWD'ing: Using IPTABLES's PREROUTING option for 2.6.x and 2.4.x kernels
6.7.2. IPMASQADM-based PORTFWD'ing: Using IPMASQADM with 2.2.x kernels
6.7.3. IPPORTFW-based PORTFWD'ing: Using IPPORTFW on 2.0.x kernels
6.8. CU-SeeMe and Linux IP-Masquerade
6.9. Mirabilis ICQ
6.10. Gamers: The LooseUDP patch